What is a ditching bucket?

The Grading Bucket / Ditching Bucket is a vast, shallow bucket with a straight edge, designed for ground leveling and smoothing aggregates and soil. Our ditching buckets are general-purpose buckets built for everyday use, making them ideal for landscape grading and material handling.

Quality of our Ditching Bucket

Jiangsu River Heavy Industry, situated in Changzhou city, China, specializes in manufacturing high-quality Excavator Ditching Buckets. These buckets are designed for different applications, such as dredging and ditch cleaning. The company’s Excavator Ditching Buckets are made from wear-resistant materials, making them suitable for extended use in tough digging and dredging conditions.

The efficiency of our company’s buckets

The features of Jiangsu River Heavy Industry’s Excavator Ditching Buckets include a comprehensive, sloping design that makes it easy to scoop dirt and debris from the bottom of a ditch and a reinforced structure that increases the bucket’s durability. Additionally, the buckets feature a curved cutting edge that allows for the efficient cutting of compacted soil and a solid construction that prevents wear and tear during heavy-duty digging.

Compatibility of the buckets as attachments  

The  Ditching Buckets made by our company are designed to be used by various excavators, including wheeled, tracked, and skid-steer excavators. The buckets are also compatible with various attachments, making them suitable for more specialized applications such as ditch cleaning and dredging.

Professionalism in the production of Ditching Bucket

The Excavator Ditching Buckets manufactured by Jiangsu River Heavy Industry are ideal for professionals requiring reliable digging and dredging tools. These buckets are built to last and provide excellent performance in various con