Grab Bucket

The grab bucket is a versatile attachment for excavators, mainly used for the efficient handling and transferring of materials in various engineering scenarios. It combines a unique clamshell design with powerful hydraulic mechanisms, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. The grab bucket is widely applicable in construction, mining, material handling, and waste management industries, helping you efficiently handle various materials and improve project efficiency.

Grab buckets, also known as Steel Buckets, Multi Flaps Grabs, Stone Grabs, Shell Funnels, and Shell Buckets, are commonly used in construction and excavation projects. These are used to handle materials during operations, including coal, cement & steel. The Grab Bucket is adopted to convey material in bulk from one place to another.


  • Versatility: Some excavators equipped with this kind of bucket can also swing in a complete circle, making it easy to collect a load, then turn over an open truck bed and deposit the bucket’s contents without actually moving the amphibious excavator’s (pontoon undercarriage) base.

  • Maximizing efficiency: This design is beneficial for excavations, such as clearing and leveling land in preparation for highways or the foundation of buildings.

  • Durability: Made of high-quality materials and subjected to strict quality testing, the grab bucket offers a long service life and reliable performance.

  • Collecting and transferring solid materials: Shell funnels, which feature a funnel-shaped design, are perfect for collecting and transferring solid materials. On the other hand, Shell buckets are primarily used to scoop up materials such as sand and gravel.

  • Enhancement of digging efficiency: Some designs for the grab bucket of the amphibious excavator include controls that permit the bucket to close around ground-level debris and dig into the ground.

  • Wide Compatibility: The grab bucket can be easily attached to a variety of excavators, increasing the flexibility and adaptability of your equipment.

Application Scopes

Construction Engineering

Mining Industry

Material Handling

Waste Management

Construction Scenarios



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