Screening Bucket For Excavator

The screening bucket is a portable screening device primarily used for the fast and efficient screening of materials in various engineering scenarios. It combines screening technology with a bucket design, making the screening process faster and more convenient. The screening bucket is widely applicable in construction, mining, infrastructure, and other industries, helping you easily handle various materials and improve project efficiency.

During and after crushing, screening buckets are utilized for the initial selection, screening, and separating natural materials. Topsoil, demolition and construction waste, turf, roots, and compost can all be separated using screening buckets.

By utilizing Jiangsu River Heavy Industry Screening Buckets, crushing times can be reduced by up to 60%, allowing for better salvage of materials. Our Screening Bucket for excavator doess only work as attachments, but also with skid, and backhoe loaders.


  • Efficient Screening: The screening bucket utilizes advanced screening technology to ensure superior screening results and significantly increased efficiency.

  • Fast Processing: The screening bucket can process large quantities of material in a short time, effectively reducing the overall duration of engineering projects.

  • High Durability: The screening bucket is made of high-quality materials and has undergone strict quality testing, resulting in a longer service life.

  • Wide Adaptability: The screening bucket is suitable for various engineering scenarios, including construction, mining, infrastructure, and more.

  • Eco-friendly and Energy-saving: The screening bucket adopts a low-noise, low-energy design, reducing its impact on the environment and achieving green production.

  • Easy Installation and Operation: The screening bucket has a simple design, making installation and operation easy and significantly lowering the learning curve.

Application Scopes

Construction Engineering

Mining Industry

Infrastructure Projects

Waste Recycling

Landscaping Greening

Agricultural Applications

Construction Scenarios



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