amphibious excavator

2 07, 2021

Working in Wetland & Marsh Area, Amphibious Excavator Breaks Traditional Construction Plan

2023-04-01T01:56:36+00:00Product News|

Due to our growing population and the desire to improve the quality of life, excessive consumption of natural resources and unchecked urbanization has accelerated the deterioration of our natural environment. [...]

25 06, 2021

Amphibious Excavator Applicated in Coal Mine Work– Special Solution, Double your Efficiency

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The word coal is usually connected to dirty in environmentalists’ mind. Due to its high carbon nature, coal is often marked as the most polluted energy. However, coal is still [...]

18 06, 2021

Seven Types of Auxiliary Tools to Double Your Water Conservancy Project Efficiency

2023-03-18T02:07:01+00:00Product News|

Long-reach boom For application of water bottom dredging, and large slope area digging, etc, we will normally elongate the excavator’s boom and stick so as to increase its excavating radius. [...]

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